Welcome to Datahike Tuts

A beginning friendly space for getting started with datahike and datascript from clojure.

Disclaimer This guide is not going to be very formal and is being written as I learn so might not all have the best flow. I may circle back at some point and fix the flow. No promises though.


I've wanted to use an immutable database powered by datalog for ages. Eventually I decided to do something about it.

How it all began

What we'll be using

You can get started by cloning this repo I put together. It's nothing special. It just has all the dependencies, nothing special.

The most popular open source datalog engine for clojure is tonksy/datascript. It's been built from the ground up and is use quite extensively in datahike.

Understanding datalog

@pithyless has a great video introducing datalog.

Now let's add the magic.

Datahike is an immutable database powered by an efficient datalog query engine. It started out as as a port of DataScript to the hitchhiker-tree. But what is a hitchhiker tree?


I think that's enough for today. I'll catch you on the morrow.